Rollback Semantics

Operations can fail, but failed operations are guaranteed to have no side effects so all data retain original values.

Let's start with a little story.

A story? What the fuck?

Did I ask you? No. Now shut the hell up and listen.

Oh. Now you have balls. Fine. Get on with it...


He stared at the sky every night trying to get back to his grandmother's farm in upstate New York. There was a certain peace that came with these thoughts, but was tempered with time and distance.

Sitting in his room in the city, there was no night sky and this ate at him.


Damn it, what the hell did I say! I am sick and tired of you interrupting and questioning me! No! No more! If you don't have anything important to say, then shut up and sit there! I let you push me around waay too much! We are supposed to work together and all you do is piss me the hell off! Get the FUCK out!

Jeezus! Sorry!

No! Not this time! You are not welcome here anymore!

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Muff Wiggler said...

bah, neither of you could get on without the other ;)