An Introduction

I am ZeroSquared and this is my blog. This a terrible way to start a blog, but somehow every blog starts with this essential statement of failure. There is nothing that can be said here that hasn't been said hundreds of thousands of times, but I, like the hundreds of thousands of others, believe that my voice is at least somewhat unique.

There will be no discussion of "how I am feeling today," but my personal analysis will be a significant aspect of this work. This is a simple outlet for the overactive space that exists between my ears and an attempt to better understand myself. Here you will find arbitrary discussions of philosophy, sociology, literature, electronics, design, art, technology, and construction. All of these subjects exist with spectra of their own and as a non-professional in all of these subjects, I pick and choose how I understand and apply my knowledge of these subjects. I look forward to hearing from everyone and anyone.

Let's begin.

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